When Dr. Kenneth Cooper of the Cooper Clinic wrote his groundbreaking book Aerobics in 1968, he acknowledged that despite the progress made in exercise physiology, we still have a lot to learn. The next twenty years generated a mountain of research that turned the field of exercise physiology upside down. In 1991, Dr. Cooper wrote, The Strength Connection: How to Build Strength and Improve the Quality of Your Life. In contrast to his first book, The Strength Connection emphasized the functional and health benefits of Strength Training!

Today we know Strength Training also builds faster runners! Strong muscles effectively reduce stress on weight-bearing joints (i.e., knees, hips, and spine), allowing runners to maintain a consistent, injury-free training schedule. Whether your running because you love it or chasing a new PR, adding Strength Training to your running program is the perfect marriage. Get Strength Training tips and inspiration at The MEDFITNESS Minute.

A Guest Blog post from Richard J Wolff, RDN, President at MedFitness