We've offered Aftershokz outside of ear headphones in our stores for some time now. Our sales associates frequently get questions about the differences between the various versions, and which version is “best”. While much like a shoe the answer is almost always “depends on what you’re going to do with it”, being informed can always help with a decision. We’re going to spend this post outlining the differences between the 4 primary versions of Aftershokz we sell and how the various features align with specific use cases you may have.

First let’s review the technology that makes Aftershokz unique among headphone manufacturers. For outdoor athletes and runners like us, we often can use a bit of musical or informational inspiration to get us through a grind. Traditional earbuds, however, tend to reduce what’s known as situational awareness, or how much you are paying attention to what is going on around you. As any runner knows, hazards abound out there on the road or trail. A driver on his phone, a dog off leash, or a biker coming up from behind you on the trail when you have drifted into the center are all realities that runners face. Being able to hear your surroundings is critical for your safety and the safety of others.

Situational awareness is the founding principal behind Aftershokz’s open ear design. The headphones employ bone conduction technology to deliver sound through the cheekbones, leaving the ear canal open to hear the environment while still listening to your favorite playlist or podcast. Combine with a lightweight design and wireless technology and it’s the best of both worlds for audio loving athletes.

Now that we’ve established what makes Aftershokz shine, let’s figure out which model is right for you.


OpenMove is the latest update to Aftershokz entry-level Titanium model. Titanium was the OG Aftershokz and a great introduction to anyone unfamiliar with bone conduction tech. OpenMove keeps the great fit, design and light weight feel of Titanium. New is a redesigned audio system known as PremiumPitch 2.0 built to deliver more dynamic sound from deeper base to more vibrant volume. Bluetooth 5.0 is now standard on the OpenMove to ensure a clearer connection to your device of choice. OpenMove remains perfect for those new to Aftershokz, or those on a budget still looking to take advantage of bone conduction tech.


For the Aftershokz Air, the company focused on making the model lighter and more durable. Aftershokz Air maintain the IP55 waterproof rating as OpenMove and have the same 6 hour battery life. Where the Air excels is in weight, or lack thereof, with 6 grams less than the Titanium and OpenMove models, and a more comfortable “next to skin” silicone coating. Aftershokz Air are perfect for those who want all the advantages of open ear audio tech, but are sensitive about feeling any weight or pressure against the head while working out.


Aeropex is the premium Aftershokz experience. Aftershokz honed their audio delivery methods greatly for the Aeropex while succeeding in reducing the weight the same amount as the Air model, about 6 grams over the Titanium/OpenMove. Additionally, the Aeropex features a higher waterproof rating at IP67, so outdoor athletes (or just really sweaty indoor athletes) can be comfortable. Rain, or even an accidental quick drop in a pool or puddle will not damage these. Finally, the Aeropex features an added 2 hours of battery life over the Air and Titanium/OpenMove models for a total of 8 hours without needing a charge. If you’re the person who needs the best of the best when it comes to your headphones, the Aeropex are a premium experience made just for you.


Lastly we have the XTrainerz model (pronounced “cross-trainers”). With XTrainers, Aftershokz focused on those who want to be as free as possible when working out (as in leave their phones at home). XTrainerz do NOT have Bluetooth technology, but rather an onboard hard drive that can store up to 4GB of MP3s. Audio files can be transferred via USB direct from a computer. Also, the XTrainerz feature a completely waterproof rating of IP68, the highest of any model offered and as such they are perfect for swimmers. They can be completely submerged without damage. XTrainerz are perfect for endurance and triathletes, those with swimming among their workout regimen, or those who don’t mind a bit of pre-workout prep and just want to be as tech-free as possible during their runs.

So there you have it. Our breakdown of the Aftershokz primary models. All of our store staff are certified experts in the above and can answer any questions you have, and can even help you set up your device post-purchase. We’re sure once you’ve tried them you’ll agree there’s a right model for you to help keep you safe and aware out there on the roads and trails. Shop online or at any of our five locations today!