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Women's micro crew socks average 7.5 in. from heel to cuff - expect them to rise about 6 in. above a running sneaker.

A performance fit means no slipping, no bunching, no blisters. Here's to focusing on your run and not your feet.

Arch support alleviates foot fatigue and bunching for long-running comfort with zero slippage.

Flex windows mean less material where your foot needs to move the most so nothing interferes with your stride.

Runners enjoy Merino Wool's ability to dry quickly and move excess heat and moisture away from feet.

Our lowest profile, ultra-lightweight yarns create zero bulk, zero itch socks that feel like a second skin.

The “still” in Still Made in Vermont, USA is personal. We knit all our socks at our VT-based Mills - we can't imagine it any other way.

Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life