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We suspect that breathing comes naturally for you. Can you say the same about your socks? Our Ultra-Lightweight Merino Wool running socks are highly breathable and comfortably snug for intuitively dry, blister-free feet over any terrain. And with supportive cushioning in the toes, underfoot and on the Achilles, you’ll feel a squeeze of encouragement and more pep in your step to go the extra-long mile.

Height: Micro Crew

Weight: Ultra-Lightweight

  • Women's micro crew socks average 7.5 in. from heel to cuff - expect them to rise about 6 in. above a running sneaker.
  • A performance fit means no slipping, no bunching, no blisters. Here's to focusing on your run and not your feet.
  • Runners enjoy Merino Wool's ability to dry quickly and move excess heat and moisture away from feet.
  • Our lowest profile, ultra-lightweight yarns create zero bulk, zero itch socks that feel like a second skin.
  • The “still” in Still Made in Vermont, USA is personal. We knit all our socks at our VT-based Mills - we can't imagine it any other way.
  • Unconditionally Guaranteed for Life - if these aren’t the longest lasting socks you’ve ever owned, return them for another pair.