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Designed for runners. Perfect for everyone.

IMPROVE SHOE FIT & COMFORT: Do your feet hurt? Our elastic laces decrease pain by offloading pressure on the dorsal foot neurovascular bundle while maintaining a proper shoe fit. This is designed for patients with diabetes, mid-foot arthritis, neuroma, neuritis, or ulcerations.

ZERO HARDWARE REQUIRED: Caterpy laces are extremely easy to install. There’s no extra hardware to install. You just lace up once normally and never need to touch your laces again. The laces can be reused/swapped anytime!

TURN ANY SHOE INTO SLIP-ONS: Transform your favorite pair of shoes into slip-on shoes. Take your shoes on and off without readjusting laces every day, and avoid breaking the heel of your shoe from cramming your foot into it.

ADJUSTABLE TENSION IN EVERY ROW: Our patented elastic bump technology secures tension in each row of the shoe. This allows you to create customized tension throughout all eyelets, instead of relying on a single knot or plastic piece.

TRUSTED BY MARATHON RUNNERS: Originally designed for runners, it's no surprise our most loyal customers are marathon runners, OCR athletes, and triathletes. Consistency is key, and having the same exact comfortable, fitted tension every training and race day is invaluable.

RECOMMENDED BY PODIATRISTS: We've seen podiatrists and sports medicine doctors recommend Caterpy laces to those struggling with foot pain, from endurance athletes to seniors, the increase in circulation is a major benefit.

Once you try a pair of Caterpy and feel the difference, you’ll never want to go back to traditional shoelaces.