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Hearing great things about our fun runs? Don't take our word for it. Here are some more kind words from our good friend Joe King at Physical Therapy Advantage:

Dick Pond St. Charles has a FREE running group on Monday nights called the Monday Nighters!   Meet at 5:30PM and run from the store.  Pace for this run is 9-14 mins per mile. Depending on interest, runs can range 3, 4, and 5 miles.  We welcome runners of all levels and would love to have you join us for a run. For more information email

Meet every Wednesday at 6:30PM for 2-4 easy miles in the 9-14 pace range. FREE! For more information email

Our awesome summer Kids Run Club is back!  Wednesday nights from 6:30-7:30, meet in the back yard. No registration necessary, completely FREE and parents are always welcome. Join us for running drills and games in Potawatomie Park.

Please join us on Thursday nights at 5:30PM as we test out Saturday’s 3-4 mile course at a 9-14 min pace range. We meet rain or snow or cold, FREE! All running paces welcome. Want to know more? For more information email

We host a FREE run every Saturday morning, 52 weeks a year, at 7:00 AM sharp!  Mileage starts at 2-3 miles and climbs to 6 miles through the year.  We call this group: “The JV.”
Paces are between 9 and 15 minutes per mile. There is a second group called, “The Varsity.” This group is comprised of those runners who have spent at least a year in the JV and have graduated to higher mileage (6+miles) and faster paces (6-11 minutes/mile).
The Saturday running course maps for each group are at the bottom of our weekly newsletter. If you would like to receive Wednesday's newsletter please shoot a note to Pick your best group, study your map, and run with us!  We average 30 runners/Saturday – more in the winter and less in the summer.
Everyone is invited for coffee afterwards.  Accessories and apparel are always 10% OFF when you attend any club run!  All of our running groups are FREE and no registration is necessary – just get here and the Power Of The Group will do the rest!