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Posted by | 10.01.2019

This is a FREE supervised 10 week program of progressively increased running and decreased walking activity. Run/Walk from our store on the Great Western Trail near the store in Carol Stream. The program culminates in a 30 minute continuous run and an optional 5K (3.1 miles) race as a graduation event. The program also includes: Mini Clinics on Nutrition, Stretching, Running Form, and Injury Prevention.

All ages and paces welcome!

If running is not for you, join us for our Walk N Talk option during our Walk2Run Program.

Walk 2 Run session dates for 2019 are as follows:


  • Session 2: Mondays 6:30pm July 8th - September 9th
  • Session 2: Saturdays 8:30am July 6th - September 7th
  • Graduation will be the Dash In The Dark on September 14th
  • Session 3: Mondays 6:30pm September 16th - October 28th
  • Session 3: Saturdays 8:30am September 21st - October 26th
  • Graduation will be the Cantigny 5K on November 2nd

Walk N Talk Option

Want to join us for 30 minutes of cardio every Saturday morning but should not or do not want to run? Our Walk N Talk option gives you the option to walk at an increased speed instead of running during the run segments of the program. It's a great way to get moving!

8 and Up Run Club

This 10 week program runs in conjunction with session 1 Walk 2 Run on Monday nights and is meant to make youth running fun. This will be led by two staff members with drills and games. It's a great introduction to running!

For more information call (630) 665-3316 or email Debbie Crawford at debbie@dickpondathletics.com

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